Importance Of Taking AIDS Medication

14 Aug

A few years ago, AIDS was considered to be one of the leading causes of death. Today however, this has changed because of the introduction of intravenous drugs. These drugs do not cure AIDS but they suppress its spread in the body therefore giving you a better shot at life. To have a fighting chance against AIDS however, a strict medicine taking regimen should be introduced because failure to take the medicine exactly as prescribed could put not only you in great risk but also your partner if he or she is negative. A lot of couples have survived with one partner being positive provided that the positive partner follows all instructions given.

Taking your AIDS medication exactly as prescribed will reduce the amount of HIV in your body. Skipping medication is dangerous because you are giving the virus a chance to multiply in your body which is very dangerous for your health. If you have a very busy schedule or have difficulty in remembering to take your medication, ensure you have reminders with you. You could write reminders and stick them on places you are sure to visit. For example, you could write a reminder to take your medication at night and stick the piece of paper on your bathroom mirror because one must visit the bathroom every morning be it when showering or when brushing your teeth. See page here!

If you take your AIDS medication exactly as prescribed, your immune system will have a better chance of fighting infections. It is important to note that people die from infections that the body is unable to fight when one has AIDS and so you should do everything possible to keep your immune system strong if you want to have a fighting chance. For more facts and information about medication, visit this website at

Taking your medication will lower the chances of you passing on HIV to another person. This is because the medication ensures that HIV count is very low in the body. It is also important to note tah6 failure to take your AIDS medication as prescribed could enable the virus to form a resistance against the drugs you are taking which is very dangerous because it lowers your chances of effectively fighting off HIV. Skipping dosages could also lead to the virus developing a resistance for the drugs you have not taken and so utmost care ought to be exercised in this case. A lot of people have lived for many years after being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and so provided you follow the prescription given as well as the list of foods and drinks you should consume, you can live on for a very long time. Visit this website at for more details about medication.

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